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Exactech Lawsuit

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In the realm of medical procedures, trust is of utmost importance. Patients place their reliance on healthcare professionals and the safety of the products they receive. However, when that trust is shattered due to unforeseen complications, it can result in severe consequences for both the affected individuals and the responsible manufacturers. This brings us to a significant matter capturing our attentionthe Exactech Recall Lawsuit. This issue has gained prominence due to the recall of thousands of knee, hip, and ankle implants.


Exactech, a reputable medical device company, recently made a significant announcement. They have issued a recall for knee, ankle, and hip replacement implant systems manufactured after 2004. The reason behind this recall is a packaging defect that has caused premature degradation of the polyethylene insert component in many Exactech knee implants. As a result, several patients have needed replacement surgeries.


Patients who have undergone knee surgery and experienced a failure in their Exactech knee implant, leading them to seek legal recourse for justice. Many of these patients have chosen to pursue Exactech lawsuits, aiming to obtain financial compensation for the pain, suffering, and medical expenses caused by an entirely avoidable product defect.


The crucial matter at hand revolves around accountability. When a medical product, designed to improve quality of life, fails and causes harm, it becomes imperative to ensure that those responsible are held accountable. Shedding light on this issue and offering valuable information proves essential for individuals seeking justice in the face of a preventable faulty product.

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What's Going on with the Exactech Knee Replacement Lawsuit?

The individuals who have experienced complications and injuries related to their Exactech knee replacements are taking a significant step by filing a lawsuit. This legal action claims that the Exactech knee replacement products possess inherent flaws, resulting in significant harm to patients. The harm encompasses various issues such as pain, swelling, infection, bone fractures, device failures, and the necessity for revision surgery. It is emphasized that Exactech was aware of these potential risks but neglected to adequately disclose them to patients, leading to harm in numerous cases.


Possible Reasons Behind the Exactech Knee Replacement Lawsuit


The Exactech knee replacement lawsuit could be influenced by various factors such as:

The lawsuit alleges that Exactech knee replacement products contain design flaws. These flaws not only increase the risk of failure but also pose potential harm to patients.


Allegations suggest that the quality and safety of Exactech products may be compromised due to manufacturing defects, which raises concerns about potential issues in their production.


The lawsuit claims that Exactech failed to adequately inform patients about the potential risks associated with their products. This lack of proper warning ultimately led to injuries occurring.


The knee implant lawsuit involving Exactech serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance for manufacturers to prioritize patient safety. It is crucial for them to prevent potential design flaws in their medical devices.

Specifically, the recalled knee replacement products include OPTETRAK Knee, OPTETRAK Logic Knee, and TRULIANT Knee. Patients who have undergone knee replacement surgery with an Exactech implant and experienced complications may have valid grounds to pursue a lawsuit against Exactech. They seek rightful compensation for their suffering.

Latest Developments

The Exactech recall lawsuit has generated significant attention. Recent updates shed light on the ongoing legal proceedings and their implications for those affected.


On August 2, 2023, the parties involved in the Exactech class action MDL in federal court presented a proposed bellwether trial plan. This unique plan aims to synchronize both state and federal MDLs by focusing on cases related to Exactech knee implants for the federal MDL bellwether trials. Simultaneously, the Florida MDL would conduct bellwether trials concerning hip implants, demonstrating a strategic approach to addressing diverse claims.


On July 18, 2023, the number of new case filings in July experienced a slowdown as only four new cases were added to the MDL. This decrease is likely due to seasonal factors, potentially influenced by summer vacations taken by plaintiffs’ lawyers. However, it is anticipated that new filings will surge once the lawyers return and resume their activities.


A significant development occurred on July 10, 2023, in the Exactech lawsuits. The judge overseeing the cases within the MDL dismissed a class action lawsuit that represented third-party payers. However, MSP Recovery Claims, the plaintiff, was granted permission to file a motion within 30 days to amend their complaint. This signifies an ongoing legal effort to address the claims on behalf of third-party payers.


On July 1, 2023, Magistrate Judge Marcia M. Henry oversaw a hearing that demonstrated ongoing attention to the case, yet no significant developments were reported. This indicates a continued advancement during the summer months.


On June 16, 2023, a significant development occurred in the ongoing legal proceedings for Exactech implants. Within the past month, an additional 12 lawsuits were transferred to the Exactech class action MDL. This adds to the already substantial number of cases, which now stands at 136 in the MDL and an extra 90 in the consolidated state court proceedings in Florida.


According to a thorough examination of pending cases as of June 2, 2023, it is evident that claims related to knee implants overwhelmingly dominate the Exactech class action lawsuit, accounting for 84% of total cases. Specifically, there are 481 cases directly associated with knee implants. Additionally, the repercussions of these recalls extend to hip and ankle incidents, resulting in respective lawsuits numbering 82 and seven. Furthermore, it is important to note that other states are currently grappling with 23 lawsuits concerning Exactech recalls, highlighting the wide­spread nature of this issue.

Connect2Attorney: Standing Up for Victims

In the complex legal landscape surrounding the Exactech recall, individuals affected by this issue are actively seeking reliable guidance and support. This is where Connect2Attorney comes into play as a trustworthy platform that connects people in need of legal representation with highly skilled attorneys who possess extensive experience in handling cases involving faulty medical devices.


Connect2Attorney is a crucial resource for individuals impacted by the Exactech Recall Lawsuit. This platform connects victims to experienced legal professionals who specialize in handling product liability cases. With a caring and understanding approach, these professionals provide guidance and support to individuals impacted by the situation, recognizing the distinct challenges that arise from managing the aftermath of a flawed product.

The skilled attorneys within the Connect2Attorney network possess the expertise to evaluate each case’s unique aspects. They provide personalized advice and effective strategies to navigate the legal process. Victims seeking legal support for pursuing financial compensation, such as covering medical expenses or seeking redress for pain and suffering, can find valuable assistance through this platform.

Connect2Attorney serves as a reliableally for individuals affected by the Exactech recall. Their commitment lies in delivering justice and ensuring that those impacted receive the necessary legal representation to pursue their claims. Moreover, they hold accountable those responsible for the undue hardships endured by these individuals.

As the legal proceedings unfold and the impact of the Exactech recall lawsuit becomes clearer, it is crucial for individuals to have a comprehensive understanding of their rights and available options. By partnering with Connect2Attorney, victims can gain access to the necessary legal support required to seek fair compensation. This partnership creates a pathway toward healing and achieving justice.


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