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Boating Accident

boating accident

Boating is usually considered as a leisurely activity, also for sporting or a fishing activity, There are variety of Boats used for different purposes such as Powerboats, Sailboats, Paddle boats(Man-powered Vessels), Personal watercrafts, etc. Most boating accidents are hapless & hazardous. These dreadful accidents are caused generally when a boat collides on the other or when a boat collides with a rock or a reef.

The causes of these incidents are below:-

  • Negligence & recklessness of the Boat Operator.
  • Inexperience of the Operator.
  • Excessive Speed of Boat.
  • Violation of Navigation Rules.
  • Improper Lookout
  • Machinery/ Equipment failure, Lack of maintenance of Machinery, etc.
  • Environmental Issues.


The most common reason which induces these incidents is because of alcoholic intoxicated Operator.


In year 2014, a total number of 277 accidents were caused leaving 248 injuries & 108 Deaths in US due to an intoxicated Operator. Such recklessness costs terrible injuries.


In year 2018, Boating Accidents caused death of 633 individuals & 2,511 were injured.

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