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Auto Injury

Across the United States, car accidents are a leading cause of injury and death. And unfortunately, thousands of car accidents occur annually? If you’re considering  READ MORE

Commercial truck accidents are not quite as common as accidents among automobiles, but when these monstrous vehicles are responsible for accidents, the results can be READ MORE

As we all know that dogs are the cutest creature on this earth, but that creature becomes a monster when they bite someone. Dogs can provide a seemingly endless READ MORE

It’s very normal to be in deep thoughts but what if it leads to hard and painful landing on the unforgiveness surface. These types of slips and falls are the leading cause READ MORE

Usually, the roads are filled with cyclists, and if you are involved in an accident with a passenger vehicle while on your bike it can leave you seriously injured. Tourists READ MORE

A motorcycle accident can happen in a flash, but the resulting injuries can be destroying and sometimes life-altering. Travelling on a motorcycle carries a much higher  READ MORE

Trains are a very vital part of our transformation infrastructure. Their ability to move massive amounts of goods and resources in a cost-effective manner will help us to READ MORE

Were you injured in a bus accident? Connect2Attorney will help you….
Whether it is a public, school or charter bus, accidents involving large  READ MORE

Boating is usually considered as a leisurely activity, also for sporting or a fishing activity, There are variety of Boats used for different purposes such as Powerboats,  READ MORE

Amusement Parks have a variety of attractions, rides & entertainment, etc. Purpose of such destinations is to provide the visitors with a pleasant & pleasurable experience.  READ MORE

There are over 60% of acute Burn injury Cases evaluated in USA recently. Approximately most of these injuries are caused due to negligence, incautious & recklessness of other READ MORE

You could be working in a factory, at a desk in an office, or out in the field. You could be a driver, laborer or office clerk. If you get hurt, it is important that you  READ MORE