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Bicycle Accident

bicycle accident

Usually, the roads are filled with cyclists, and if you are involved in an accident with a passenger vehicle while on your bike it can leave you seriously injured. Tourists, school students, society children are the higher number of bicycle riders. It feels devastated when our loved one gets hurt by bicycle accidents, but don’t worry! Connect2Attorney is there to help you out through the economical trauma. Our attorneys have more experience than most at making those responsible for your injuries pay so you can get back on your feet and move on after these kinds of accidents. A bicycle accident that was caused by someone else should not leave you struggling financially, and we make sure that it doesn’t.

A bicycle accident can be very serious since those riding a bike have little to no protection when struck by a motor vehicle. As such the injuries can be very dreadful and include things like,

  • Broken bone
  • Fractures
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Loss of limb
  • Permanent disability
  • Each of these injuries can take from weeks to a month or even years to get recover from, and some may suffer from disability for life. As such those who are injured in such accidents will have the long road for physical recovery. But life is much unfair when it comes along with the financial hurdles. It’s hard to focus on recovering physically from your injuries when you are stressed about the long-lasting medical bills and lost income.
  • Attorneys understand that this is a difficult time and that those injured in a bike accident often feel that they have nowhere to turn. That’s why we stand up for them, fighting the power to make those responsible pays. By getting you the financial settlement, you deserve, we help you focus on your physical health and recovery.
  • Our Attorney will ensure you for these settlements including
  • Surgery and other medical treatment costs
  • Rehabilitation fees and procedures
  • Nursing home care costs
  • Lost income during an incident
  • Loss of earning capacity in the future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional suffering
  • Disfigurement and permanent scarring
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Our attorneys consult with experts in the medical and financial fields to review your case and make sure that we have a clear picture of what a fair settlement is. Then, we go about fighting to make sure that you get what you deserve.


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