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Dog Bite Injury

dog bite injury

As we all know that dogs are the cutest creature on this earth, but that creature becomes a monster when they bite someone. Dogs can provide a seemingly endless amount of love and companionship, but even the most harmless dogs can cause property damage or personal injuries. If your dog bites someone, or you or your pets were injured by someone else’s dog, you may need to hire a dog bite attorney.


Dog bites are one of the most common types of animal attacks, with many requiring significant medical treatment. Many dog bite victims are children who have been unfairly harmed by unrestrained dogs. For innocent victims, medical expenses, the loss of time on the job, and emotional damage can be too much to handle. Fortunately, there are legal remedies that can help you and other victims to receive some assistance in a terrible situation. We at Connect2Attorney will provide you with the experts who will not let you down at all, as these attorneys have the best experience in the area of dog bite accidents.


The law says that whether the dog bite occurred in a public place or in a private place, such as the owner’s property, at which the victim was lawfully present, the dog owner is strictly liable. It does not matter if the dog has not attacked before or has not threatened another person; the owner must take responsibility for the dog’s actions. Dog owners who are found to be negligent in the handling of their dogs can be liable for their dog’s bites. Such negligent behaviour includes letting the dog wander freely without a leash or allowing guests or passersby to be in harm’s way because of the dog. And you have the rights to claim for settlement of your personal injuries.

Following are some potentially serious injuries resulting from dog bites include:

  • Deep punctures wounds from the dog’s teeth
  • Facial incisions and scars
  • Infection in the wounds caused by the dog
  • Disfigurement
  • Broken bones and other crush injuries
  • Skull and brain injuries
  • Rabies
  • Emotional and psychological trauma from the experience, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Although particular breeds are responsible for especially vicious attacks, dogs of all types and personalities have the potential to bite under certain conditions. No matter the breed, if a dog attacked you, you have the right to seek payment for your damages. Connect2Attorney will not disappoint you.


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