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Zantac Cancer Lawsuit

Zantac Lawsuit

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Have you or a loved one used Zantac and experienced bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer (pancreatitis), stomach cancer, brain cancer, or other diseases and injuries as a result?


Following recalls of ranitidine and Zantac side effects resulting into cancer, those who took the ranitidine-containing medication and later developed the disease filed lawsuits. FDA discovered that the active component of Zantac, ranitidine, included N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a possible human carcinogen.


Because NDMA contamination can rise over time, the FDA ordered all manufacturers to stop marketing ranitidine-based Zantac in the US starting in April 2020. The amount of NDMA in a medicine increases with shelf life, but the FDA is unsure of how long NDMA has been present in Zantac. The lawsuits or recalls do not apply to Sanofi’s brand-new famotidine-based medication Zantac 360.

Zantac and wake of cancer

A possible link between ranitidine and its capacity to create NDMA is the source of worries over Zantac’s association to cancer. Some research from the 1980s suggested a connection between the drug and the production of NDMA. 


The potential connection between ranitidine, the chemical name for Zantac, and the carcinogenic substance NDMA was discovered by two Italian medical researchers in 1983. Zantac includes “DMA” (dimethylamine), which interacts with the “N” in commonly consumed foods to form nitrosamines, nitrites, and nitrates. Even though Zantac is always given with food, some early researchers actually cautioned against doing so.

Cancer named in Zantac Lawsuit

Several doctors who gave cancer diagnosis to patients after they took Zantac reported that the patients had no family history of the disease or genetic predisposition. Instead, medical professionals informed patients that it was a result of their surroundings, which might have included NDMA poisoning.


Zantac lawsuits may be filed for the following cancers:

  • Bladder 
  • Gastric/Stomach 
  • Esophageal 
  • Liver 
  • Pancreatic

Bladder cancer has the strongest correlation with Zantac-related malignancies. Make sure to speak with a lawyer to check if you are eligible to bring a claim if you took Zantac between January 2000 and the present and then acquired one of the aforementioned malignancies.

Who Qualifies for a Zantac Lawsuit?

To be eligible for legal action, a person must meet a number of requirements, including having used Zantac with proof and having been diagnosed with cancer. Only brand-name Zantac users can file cases, since generic ranitidine is no longer covered by this policy.


Only a lawyer can accurately assess a claim, and they may assist in compiling medical records and supporting evidence to strengthen a case.


In litigation, conditions other than cancer may also be raised. Make sure to disclose to your lawyer any further health issues.

Zantac Lawsuit: Should You File One?

If you used Zantac and got cancer, you and your family might have to deal with increasing medical costs, lost income, and ill health. You may be able to pay for past, present, and future medical expenses with the help of potential settlement from a Zantac case.

Get Settlement with:

  • Medical expenses
  • Distress and suffering
  • loss of companionship
  • Lost Earnings
  • Loved one passing away
  • funeral costs

What to expect in terms of Zantac Lawsuit Settlement Amount?

At this point, it is impossible to estimate the potential average settlement or Zantac Settlement Amount against the Ranitidine Lawsuit. But stock analysts and stockholders for Sanofi-Aventis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline are predicting settlement sums from this acid reflux medicine, and baking those future predicted payouts and verdicts into the defendants’ stock prices.

Victims want to know what the settlement awards in the Zantac cases might be, thus plaintiffs’ Zantac attorneys should explain this.

In light of parallels to prior mass tort settlements involving cancer, this piece will examine the potential settlement amounts for a Zantac lawsuit.

Contact a Zantac Attorney Today!

Contact a lawyer right away if you believe you may have a Zantac cancer claim. For many, the filing window may be closing soon. A strict and unreasonable deadline can be the statute of limitations. Maintain your claim for settlement with the best attorney for Zantac lawsuit at Connect2attorney. Call us at (888) 202-1350 to get in touch.

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