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Amusement Park Accident Attorney

amusement park accident

Amusement Parks have a variety of attractions, rides & entertainment, etc. Purpose of such destinations is to provide the visitors with a pleasant & pleasurable experience. But as life is unpredictable, an accident can happen irrespective of the place.  There are 30,000 Amusement Park accidents recorded approximately out of which some are fatal injuries in last few years. When perilous & horrendous accident like these happen, it results in serious injuries & also life threatening situations or death, it is absolutely horrifying. The causes of such accidents are mentioned below:-


1) Although these incidents can cause due to negligence & recklessness of the Staff & the management of such Amusement Parks, as when there are no safety checks & no maintenance of Safety Instructions, undiscovered mechanical issues, Ride Malfunction, horrendous accidents occur.


2) Accidents can also occur if specific ride safety instructions are not followed or when these rules are deliberately violated by the guests/visitors.


3) Accidents due to visitor/guest’s known & unknown diseases also take place.


4) No fault accidents due to lightning, Slipping, falling etc. also happen. These accidents have various undesirable & devastating consequences.


According to the accident records, a dreadful incident took place in August 2016, at ‘Schlitterahn Waterpark’ in Kansas City, Where a 10 year old boy died terribly & 2 others were injured severely. While this boy was riding the World’s Tallest Waterslide-168 foot-tall named ‘Verruckt’, certified by Guinness World Records. As the raft he was riding went airborne, causing him to beat the metal rod attached to the safety net in order, which directly resulted in his decollation.


Although the Owner of the Waterpark/ Theme park & Waterslide Designer were charges Criminally for this hapless & hazardous incident but a Judge dismissed these Charges quoting improper evidence. In various unfortunate situations, having the best Attorney by your side would bring positive verdict & justice could be served smoothly.


While dealing with these horrendous consequences, fighting with insurance companies for settlement should be left to an Attorney or law firm, best capable of handling such Cases. Hiring the best Attorney/Law firm would not only save your efforts and time but also protect your rights & help you get settlement justly. At ‘Connect2Attorney’ we strive to provide you with the Best Law Firm/Attorney who would take your case to resolution. We are a customer centric Organization which focuses on providing excellent service to our valuable Clients.


Financial losses such as loss of wages/ income. Medical & Hospitalization expenses, Rehabilitation, etc. Expenses. To avoid the stress of dealing with insurance companies & legal system after going through the devastating accident is only a wise choice away. Choosing the best Attorney/Law Firm is an asset that can cover up for your Losses and Liabilities.


Our attorneys work in various areas where you can seek the settlements. We will help you to get your settlements.

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