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Ozempic Lawsuit

The use of Ozempic and other medications containing semaglutide may lead to serious digestive or intestinal issues. If you became ill after using these medications for weight loss, you may be eligible for settlement from an Ozempic lawsuit.


Ozempic Lawsuit: Understanding Stomach Problems and Legal Actions

The Ozempic lawsuit revolves around allegations of severe stomach problems like pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer linked to the diabetes drug. Plaintiffs claim the manufacturer failed to adequately warn about these risks. Legal actions seek settlement for medical expenses, pain, and suffering. Individuals experiencing stomach issues after taking Ozempic should consult a healthcare provider and consider their legal options. It’s crucial to seek advice from a qualified attorney familiar with pharmaceutical litigation.


Who Can File an Ozempic Side Effects Lawsuit?

You may be able to file an Ozempic lawsuit if you or a loved one:

• Used a semaglutide drug like Ozempic, wegovy, or Rybelsus for weight loss.
• Suffered serious health issues like stomach paralysis, intestinal obstructions, or more.
• Was hospitalized, went to the ER, or needed a follow-up with a gastroenterologist for your injury.


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The use of Ozempic has been associated with health issues that users should be aware of before taking this medication.

Health issues linked to Ozempic and semaglutide include:

  • Stomach paralysis (gastroparesis)
  • Bowel or intestinal obstructions
  • Chronic vomiting
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Esophageal injury
  • Ileus (intestinal inability to contract and pass waste)
  • Intraoperative pulmonary aspiration
  • Malnutrition-related disorders
  • Pancreatic cancer


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