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MacLaren Hall Sex Abuse

Camp Lejeune Lawsuit

MacLaren Hall was a temporary housing facility in Los Angeles county for children who were taken from their homes. This facility was in operation from 1961 to 2003. Which was soon closed down after many people came to light telling what happened to them inside what they call the “horror house”. 12 alleged people who were sexually abused claim their nightmare happened while being inside the facility.


When the institution was opened in 1961 it was run as a temporary home for children, who had no place to live after being taken from a home in around 1975. The facility was run as if it were a prison to even kids who weren’t in there over a crime. As they started using the institution to place juvenile delinquents due to overcrowding at the LA County juvenile hall.


Children suffered from being heavily medicated, restrained, physically beaten, mentally abused, and raped by staff and other children placed in the facility. There weren’t many staff members working and because there weren’t many people to watch the kids at every given moment, these horrible things had time to take place. Residents soon started to run away, and the crime and violence from staff members and other children became rampant.


Although this institution was meant to be a nice sanctuary of hope in care, sadly the institution became the opposite. Children who endured such violence and tragedy are now suffering trauma for the rest of their life. No kid should have to be taken from their unsafe home, be unwanted by their parents, or be orphaned and have to also experience such a nightmare.


In 2003 when people started opening up and telling about the abuse and neglect they experienced in such a horrible place. MacLaren Hall was immediately shut down and closed in absolute disgrace.


If you or a loved one became the victim of the MacLaren Hall institution you may be eligible for settlement today. At connect to an attorney we are here to help you get the justice you deserve.

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