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Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

Camp Lejeune Lawsuit

Were you or a loved one injured by transvaginal mesh? You are not alone thousands of women have experienced health complications due to tvm mesh failing. Women diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse, and stress urinary incontinence and who have had the mesh surgery have said they have suffered severe pain and are in worse condition than they were, to begin with.


Pelvic organ prolapse is when an organ inside the pelvis slips down from its normal position and swells into the vagina, causing severe pain and discomfort. Urinary incontinence is when the bladder becomes weak and loses control of the urine, causing urine loss. This condition can be anywhere from a complete inability to control the bladder or losing urine after a sneeze or cough. In most cases, these issues result in treatment, which is the transvaginal mesh implant.

Transvaginal mesh is made from a netting-like material and is used to help support and protect weak pelvic muscle walls. It is also used to help the urethra and the bladder. Some surgical mesh is a lab-made material while other brands are made from animal tissue. The lab-made mesh is commonly referred to be the better product and is known to be the safest. The animal-made mesh doesn’t perform as well as a lab-made one.

The use of a transvaginal mesh is dangerous and can result in permanent damage. The mesh can cause many injuries like puncturing of the bladder, surrounding intestines and organs, pain during sexual intercourse, vaginal swelling, permanent scar tissue, and infections. Even after the removal of the mesh, it can leave you with permanent damage suffering from any or all, chronic pelvic pain, vaginal pain, or loss of mobility.

Quite a few TVM product lines are being sued for the damages their merchandise caused. Some of these brands are called Ethicon, AJUST, Bard Avaulta, CorMatrix ECM, AMS, MiniSling, Sofradium, Sirelift, and many more!  


If you have suffered bad side effects from the transvaginal mesh, you may be able to get compensated today. At connect to an attorney, we are here to give you the best experience possible!

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