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Tylenol Autism Lawsuit

tylenol autism lawsuit

Tylenol (also known as acetaminophen or paracetamol) is a common over-the-counter drug for pain and fever relief. Tylenol was created in 1955 by McNeil Laboratories, Inc , which is now part of the Johnson and Johnson pharmaceutical conglomerate. Any over-the-counter drug with acetaminophen or paracetamol could later in life affect your unborn child if taken while pregnant. Tylenol Autism Lawsuits are filed daily by those affected by the company’s negligence. Claims against Tylenol autism and ADHD could be any of the following, Mothers taking Tylenol while pregnant realized after the child was born and diagnosed with autism or ADHD the cause was from Tylenol, Johnson and Johnson could have known or should have already known their product was potentially dangerous, or Tylenol warning label failed to mention or notify the public of these risks. Lawsuits against Tylenol are rising due to people who believe Tylenol exposure during pregnancy is the cause of their children developing a Neurodevelopmental disorder. Families are refusing to be unheard or unseen. They want justice for what their children have endured. These children will suffer from unwanted permanent damage for the rest of their lives. All because of Tylenol’s lack of knowledge.

Evidence proving that Tylenol is linked to autism and ADHD has led to a rising amount of product liability lawsuits against manufacturers and retailers by parents of children diagnosed with Autism or ADHD. A study in 1982 by researchers at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health discovered that women taking Tylenol while pregnant could increase the risk of the unborn child developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). While studying, they noticed when mothers were taking Tylenol, the drug goes through the unborn child’s umbilical cord and settles in the child’s liver and urine, risking a child with instant fatal toxicity. They gathered this research by looking at the levels of acetaminophen in the newborns’ umbilical cord by taking blood. Studying nearly 1,000 newborns and following the children, they studied on and learned that just about 26% of the children had been diagnosed with ADHD by age 9, 6.6% were diagnosed with ASD, and 4.2% were diagnosed with both ADHD and ASD. Although the research was gathered illegally, it did, however, benefit those who have ADHD or ASD. When this information came to light, it was further taken through research and found that Tylenol does cause an increased risk of developmental disorders. Causing a rise in millions of people who have been affected by Tylenol medication.

Families who have been affected and have filed a Tylenol autism lawsuit are now expecting a Tylenol autism payout. These settlements have yet to become available due to litigation being in its early stages. The average amount of money you could receive for Tylenol autism settlement will not be announced for some time. Other lawsuit settlements against dangerous medication average between $50,000 and $500,000 for an individual claim. This settlement payout information is just an educated guess of what to expect for the Tylenol autism settlement. These settlement amounts may be influenced by, how damaged your child is and the quality of their life, the amount of money you’ve had to spend on past and future medical expenses, the loss of income that affected the child’s earned learning capacity, or the parents lost wages, any additional expenses related to the child’s condition like paying for a caregiver or assisted living devices, or pain and suffering. You could be eligible for a lawsuit settlement if you were diagnosed with autism or ADHD after being exposed prenatally, or your child was diagnosed with autism or ADHD and you took Tylenol during your pregnancy. 

For quite some time Tylenol was thought to be one of the safest medications taken while pregnant. Still, it is recommended to pregnant women take it if they are in pain or discomfort. Is your child showing signs of Autism or ADHD? ADHD symptoms include excessive aggression, excitability, irritability, absent-mindedness, difficulty focusing, short attention span, anxiety, boredom, mood swings, and much more. ASD symptoms include difficulty socializing and interacting with people and other things, restricted interest, and repetitive behavior. If your child has been diagnosed with Autism and ADHD and you feel Tylenol is at fault, contact Connect2Attorney for a Tylenol Autism lawsuit sign-up sheet. A Tylenol autism lawyer can help you determine rather or not you are eligible and are ready to take action. Lawyers are currently taking action and investigating the claims already made against the drug manufacturers and are preparing for legal action. They can help you if you have gathered evidence of your child’s medical records to help prove and sustain your claim, help negotiate potential autism and ADHD Tylenol autism lawsuit payout, and pursue a verdict for the judge and jury to decide if you are to win the case or not.

Connect2Attorney can help guide you in the direction of a Tylenol Autism lawsuit. We promise good customer service and caring characteristics. We can guarantee you no financial risk as we offer a free consultation. We can get you in contact with Connect 2 Attorney, and get your lawsuit against Tylenol Autism started today. Contact us for a Tylenol Autism Lawsuit Settlement and in the future, potentially receive a Tylenol Autism lawsuit payout.


Does Tylenol Cause Autism?

Scientific studies have found that when taking acetaminophen while pregnant, it increases the child’s risk of developing:

⦁Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD);

⦁Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and

⦁other developmental disorders later in life

How Much Will Tylenol Autism ADHD Lawsuit Pay Out?
Settlement information is not yet available due to the litigation being in its early stages leaving Tylenol Autism ADHD Lawsuits to pay out amounts unannounced for a while.

When Will Settlement Amounts Be Known For Tylenol lawsuits?                               

Settlement amounts are still on hold due to it being too early in the litigation process.

Can I File A Claim If I Used Generic Acetaminophen

Yes, acetaminophen is the main ingredient in Tylenol so you are still able to file a claim.

Will This Pay For My Child’s Therapy?  If There Is settlement, What Will It Cover?  

When awarded for settlement in a civil lawsuit, it can cover a range of damages including medical bills and mental health wellness costs, such as therapy.

Settlement could possibly include the cost of therapy, although there is no guarantee.

Will My Doctor Be Sued?

No, not unless it is an extreme circumstance, we do not pursue lawsuits against doctors.

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