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How use of Talcum Powder leads to Cancer? How you can Claim Settlement?

How use of Talcum Powder leads to Cancer? How you can Claim Settlement?

johnson and johnson talcum powder lawsuit

Do you know that the talcum powder you are using can be a reason behind an underlying disease. As per the  studies, talc is tainted with asbestos, which is known to cause malignancies like mesothelioma and ovarian cancer.


Talcum Powder: What Is It?

Talcum is a naturally occurring mineral that is extracted from rock sources and is also known as hydrated magnesium silicate. The known softest mineral is it.

Talcum produces a smooth, silky powder when it is finely powdered that absorbs moisture, lessens smells, and decreases friction. Due to these qualities, it is the perfect ingredient for baby powder, deodorant, cosmetics, and several other consumer goods.

 For more than 125 years ago, Johnson & Johnson has ruled over the market with its baby talcum powder products, often used for infants to prevent diaper rash. Moreover, baby powder is also used for feminine hygiene products daily by millions of women.

Is Talcum Toxic for humans?

Regardless of how talcum has been advertised in the market, it is not completely amiable. 

If talcum dust is inhaled or ingested, it can cause adverse effects. Talcum dust can cause chest pain, wheezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing when inhaled. Talcum poisoning, though uncommon, can be lethal.

To avoid customers from harm, Johnson & Johnson has added warnings to their baby talcum powder product. The powder should be kept away from your child’s in order to “avoid inhaling,”

However, some customers are requesting that the business add an additional warning label to the powder. They contend that habitual baby talcum powder use brought on their cancer.

Talcum and its deep roots since 1971

Welsh researchers suggested a potential link between talcum powder use on female genitalia and ovarian cancer in 1971. They found talcum particles lodged in cervical and ovarian cancers.

Johnson Johnson made a commercial decision

J&J recently announced that starting in 2023, it would stop distributing its legacy talcum-based baby powder products worldwide. This decision was taken in the midst of ongoing legal disputes and several years after the firm stopped the product in the US and Canada. And also stated to replace talcum from all of its baby talcum powder products with cornstarch.

Major Threat for People

In a 2016 study published in Epidemiology, case-control data on talcum use and ovarian cancer were examined during a 16-year period. It was discovered that ovarian cancer was one-third more common in women who frequently used talcum on their genitals.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer 

The female reproductive system includes the ovaries, which are in charge of creating both female hormones and eggs. Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death among female reproductive cancers while being a rare disease.

A physical examination, a pelvic examination, laboratory testing, an ultrasound, or a biopsy are frequently used to identify ovarian cancer. As per the studies, it has been advised to get a combination of surgery and chemotherapy for the treatment of ovarian cancer.

Early detection and treatment of ovarian cancer enhance the prognosis for those who have it. Unless the disease has grown to an advanced stage, women with ovarian cancer may, regrettably, only show minimal or no symptoms.

Symptoms  may include:

  • Pelvic area Pain
  • Lower abdomen Pain
  • Adverse Back pain 
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Abnormal discharge
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Recurring  periods
  • Nausea
  • Urgent need to urinate
  • Constipation

Eligibility & Settlement

These court cases brought against Johnson & Johnson are still pending.  Using talcum powder products frequently before being diagnosed with ovarian cancer may entitle you to settlement.

Using cosmetic or commercial talcum powder products may cause mesothelioma or ovarian cancer. You could be qualified to bring a talcum powder case.

In ovarian cancer litigation, a  woman must have used talcum-containing goods near their genitals regularly or almost regularly before getting the disease. Because cornstarch-based powders don’t include talcum, it’s vital to highlight that women who used them are ineligible for these cases.

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