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Hurricane ida louisiana damage 2021

Hurricane ida louisiana damage 2021

strom damage attorney

After a severe storm damages your house or place of business, you depend on your insurance company to look out for you. However, as a business seeking to maximise profits, your insurer might employ inappropriate strategies to reject or undervalue your claim, leaving you in a precarious financial situation.

You can contact our team Connect2attorney if an insurance company is being difficult to work with or treating your insurance claim disrespectfully. We have what it takes to take on obstinate insurance companies, even with dedicated legal departments to deny claims, as we have more than five decades of combined experience. We want to be the legal team you contact first for assistance with your claim, regardless of whether your house or place of business was destroyed in a storm, flood, or hurricane.

Disastrous Storm in Louisiana

The disastrous storm that hit the state’s southwest two years ago, destroying homes and businesses there while bringing rare hurricane-force winds as far north as Shreveport, is what has sparked the recent upsurge in legal claims.

According to Louisiana law, hurricane Ida Louisiana damage victims have up to 24 months from the date of the damage to submit a claim against their insurers, so individuals who were impacted by Hurricane Ida will have a similar deadline about this time next year.

Unfortunately, the two years that have gone since Laura’s spectacular arrival have led to numerous irate policyholders, which is bad news for both victims and insurance. The deadlines are known to those who believe their insurance claims have been gravely underpaid.

Louisiana Plaintiffs Hurry to File Claims Before the One-Year Insurance Deadline

A total of 774 civil insurance lawsuits were submitted to the Western District of Louisiana’s federal court in August 2021. In Lake Charles, which was impacted by Hurricanes Laura and Delta in 2020 as well as by flooding, ice storms, and the COVID-19 throughout the previous year[1], the majority of them—706—were filed. The amount of insurance files this year is the most in a decade, in part because the Western District of Louisiana, which filed 2,194 insurance claims in FY 2021, more than any other district in the nation. In state court, even more insurance-related lawsuits have been submitted.

Factors Affecting the Value of a hurricane Damage Settlement in Louisiana

If you are eligible for a settlement that is higher or lower than the typical Louisiana storm claim, a number of factors will come into play.


Owners of properties who have sustained significant damage may be given a substantially higher settlement than those who have just experienced slight injury.

Property Value

A settlement of seven digits or more may be given to someone whose extremely valuable property is completely destroyed. However, someone with an average-valued property might only receive a five- or six-figure settlement even if it is fully damaged.

Missing Item

When you claim you lost some really valuable objects in a catastrophe, insurers might not always believe you. They can ask for proof of ownership, which could be difficult if the storm also destroyed your personal papers and bank data.

Water Damage

Your insurance company might contend that flooding and storm surges, rather than rain seeping through a hole in the roof, are to blame for the water damage in your home. If that’s the case, our team can gather evidence to convince the insurance provider that your water damage is the result of a leaky, damaged roof.

Allow Our Team in Louisiana to Fight for Your Fair Storm Settlement

Our staff is prepared to battle for your financial recovery since we are aware of how unfairly insurance companies treat hurricane victims. Call us right away to discuss your situation at (888) 202-1350

Contact Connect2attorney for more information and to discuss your options. Reach out to us today for a Free Case Review to learn more about your options

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